The Foundation of Innovative Self Expressive Artist Studio



The journey began from cultivating creative expression to be shared across a diversity of youth in Oklahoma City community. It was the vision of Innovative Self Expressive Artist Studio (ISEA) Founder and CEO Lucinda Jones, to share her passion for teaching youth  the joy and value of creativity through art and cooking. ISEA Studio, Inc has made successfully impact in Oklahoma City partnering with organizations. ISEA Studio contines to strives to  impact youth with empowerment, leadership, and team building through creativity.
ISEA Studio was granted a mini- grant from Let’s Choose Love to help supply the materials needed to start the  development of the programs. Lucinda’s goal is to reach more youth and to expand programming across Oklahoma City. 
Learn more about Lucinda & ISEA Studio, click article  written Hallie Venaglia from Let’s Choose Love